SA Non-Mulesed Certificate Initiative
published 01 Jul 2018

Cape Wools now gives customers the ability to verify the authenticity of the Non-Mulesed declarations they
receive with their consignments of wool from South Africa.
You can now log onto, key in the unique reference number and have the same declaration electronically generated to test its authenticity.
The authentication system generates a unique certificate with special design features including:
  • Certificate number – uniquely numerically sequenced
  • Distinct order number
  • Unique number tying up to the register number
  • QR code that scans through to the web register
  • Order number referenced to certificate number
  • Initialled

If the system electronically rejects the query then your document may have been tampered with.The customer can verify the detailed information contained in his received copy to the electronic version.
Further enhancements of the original certificate includes:

  • Embossed logo
  • Gold foiled print
  • 170Gsm quality paper

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