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Our Web applications are used by individuals, small & medium sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled systems. The Web applications in fact are business strategies and policies implemented on the Web through the use of User, Business and Data services.

Why Web Applications?

There are many entities that require Business-to-Business interaction. Many companies in the world today demand to do business with each other over secure and private networks.

User Service

Our aim is to create a seamless User Service tier which is the visual gateway for the consumer to interact with the application. This can range from basic to complex components.

Business Services

Our system analysis will ensure that the business logic allows the user to perform complex actions through a Web interface.

Data Service

Our database development will ensure the storing, retrieval and updating of information at a high level, in a systematic and organized fashion.

Support Service

A Service Level Agreement will be agreed upon, giving our customers the ability to contact us in the case of an emergency relating to the application.

Latest News

26 Jun 2020

Preserving our future by protecting wildlife health

Today more than ever, the international health community recognises the importance of maintaining a global perspective and foresight on wildlife health and biodiversity and their inextricable connection with veterinary and human public health.

24 Mar 2020

Wool Auctions Suspended

SAWAMBA and the brokers met this morning to discuss the implications of the lockdown on the wool industry and it was agreed that, however difficult the decision might be, there is no alternative but to postpone all wool auctions and activities from Thursday.


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